TeleVue 1.25" Power Mate PMT T-Ring Adapter for 2.5x & 5x 1.25" Powermates

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Product Code: PTR-1250

TeleVue's 1.25" Powermate T-Ring Adapter replaces the eyepiece holder of 1.25" 2.5x and 5x Televue Powermate Barlow lenses and allows users to attach a DSLR or CCD imaging camera, with a user-supplied and camera-specific T-ring, for astrophotography.

It threads directly onto the chrome barrel in place of the eyepiece holder and is suited for photography with short focal length refractors.


  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Overall thickness: 16.50mm
  • Male T-thread (M42x0.75) at the top
  • Female thread on the inside of the T-thread (appr 34.5mm thread)
  • Weight: 32g