Stars of Destiny: A Scientific Look at Astrology

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Stars of Destiny: A Scientific Look at Astrology - Patrick Moore

Every day millions of individuals consult astrologers, mostly in daily newspapers or on the radio, though some potentates still possess their own personal astrologers. And each year, thousands of new books about astrology are added to the vast numbers that have been previously been published. Is there room for another book? Since this is Sir Patrick Moore writing about a subject which apparently conflicts with the science which underlies his own subject of astronomy, the answer is a resounding "yes".

Setting aside preconceptions, Sir Patrick addresses the problem with his inimitable directness, asking some tough questions: is there a scientific basis for astrology, and does astrology work and if so, why? The answers are revealing and entertaining, and will stimulate lively debate wherever the book is read. Astronomers and astrologers will for once share a common enjoyment in this delightful little book.