Point Grey / FLIR Flea3 8.8MP Colour USB3 Camera - Complete Kit

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Product Code: FL3-U3-88S2C-C

A versatile, high-speed colour CMOS camera ideal for lunar, solar and planetary imaging.

Features a Sony IMX121 1/2.5" Rolling Shutter CMOS chip offering a resolution of 4096x2160 at 21 FPS.

The camera's C-mount thread is compatible with a wide range of accessories and easy to adapt to most telescope via a C-mount to T-2 adaptor (included).

This is the complete kit, and includes:

  • The Flea3 Camera itself (in original box)

  • 3-port USB3 powered hub with USB cable and power supply

  • Fujinon DF6HA-1B 1:1.2/6mm TV camera lens for wide field photography

  • Nikon lens to C-mount adaptor (use Nikon camera lenses with the Flea3!)

  • C-mount T-2 Ring (for adapting to your telescope's T-adaptor).

  • 2x USB cables for the camera

  • 2x Analogue signal cables (bare ends)

The camera has been tested once by our customer, who was unable to make further use of it for health reasons.  It is therefore supplied as "Used - Perfect Condition".  Most of the cables are supplied in unopened packaging.

Camera part code: FL3-U3-88S2C-C

The pre-owned item has been very lightly used and is supplied in perfect condition with many accessories that have never been used.  It is clean and free of dust (actual item shown in photos taken in our own studio).