Baader BP1 Guidescope Rings 60-120mm

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Product Code: 1500201

A pair of excellent quality guidescope rings supplied in their original packaging.

Baader Planetarium’s guiding tube rings provide a very rigid stable platform for guidescopes or secondary (piggybacked) telescopes. 

They are produced from one-piece turned aluminium, have a width of 28mm and are anodised black. The bottom mating/mounting surface has a central photo-threaded ¼” connection hole and there are two addition through-holes 5 mm diameter. A further four milled planar surfaces with a photo-threaded hole are machined on the outer surface in order to be able to attach additional accessories to the rings or to connect several rings together!

Each ring has three M10 adjusting screws with 10mm diameter ball bearing bearing surface made of V2A steel. The tips are covered with a hard rubber sheath (i.e. the screw pressure surface does not rotate during the adjustment of the telescope!). With these rings, the guiding telescope is held absolutely solid, will not slip and will not be scratched!

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 1500201
WEIGHT (KG) 0.9kg BPI 
COMPATIBLE BRANDS All Telescopes in given Tube sizes
SCREW TYPE 6x large handknobs(3 per ring)
SPECIAL FEATURES hard rubber ball bearing tips


These items are unused and presented in their original packaging.  However, due to the way they are packed by Baader, some small scratches or chips in the anodising may be present as they tend to knock together in the pack.  As always, our photo is of the actual pair you will receive - we take all our own photos except where noted.