Altair 60 EDF Doublet Refractor

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The Altair 60 EDF is Altair's most compact telescope, and this is a more refined version with an S-FPL53 doublet objective lens providing superior colour correction and a lighter more compact tube.

NEW V3 with X-Rings, Top rail, Optical Test Report, Black Anodised CNC Machined Focuser and rear Camera Rotator, plus longer 200mm dovetail bar for better balancing. 
A test report is included with this item, demonstrating a Strehl ratio of 0.95, which excellent for this type and size of telescope.
The new X-Rings have a quick release side-cam lever, as well as allowing more attachment opportunities than the previous tube ring. The top dovetail rail has dual Arca-format and Vixen-format (44mm) profiles so you can use various dovetail clamps. It's now easier to attach accessories on top, such as the Altair 100mm Guide Scope Rings, Altair 60mm Mini Guider (MG60) etc. The MiniGuider 32 quick release bracket can be attached to the X-Rings directly too. A new longer 200mm Vixen-style dovetail bar is included for easier balancing. 

Rear Camera Rotator. The Altair 60EDF focuser has a rotating rear collar with locking screws allowing you to frame the object perfectly, without rotating the whole focuser, or the optical tube. This is a distinct advantage especially when mounting the telescope with other scopes, and motor focusers, to avoid the extra equipment fouling the mounting bars.
Dual Speed Imaging friendly focuser. Black Anodised CNC Rack n Pinion focuser, rear camera angle rotator, and 2" push-fit adaptor with triple thumbscrews hold your accessories securely. The focuser has tension-adjustment to handle heavy accessories, such as large eyepieces, diagonals, Hershel wedges, cameras, or the Daystar Quark. The draw-tube has 75mm travel, and a graduated scale in mm. This is a smooth accurate focuser for imaging. The course focus knob can be removed to attach a motor focuser. A Camera Rotator is included for easy framing. The reducer or flattener will screw directly into the rear Camera Rotator if you remove the rear 2" push-fit adaptor.
Oversized lens. The lens actually has a larger diameter than 60mm, however, to improve outer edge performance, it has been limited to 60mm. This improves the edge performance of the optics, and gives better "Bokeh" with an optimum focal ratio of F6.0. (350mm focal length). Performance is better than multi-element camera lenses costing many times the price, even when they are stopped down to give better star-images. Being designed for infinity focus, and lacking a mechanical iris, this telescope is sharper than a camera lens.
A finder scope or Red Dot Finder bracket is mounted on the focuser (finder not included) but finders can equally be mounted to the X-rings or the top dovetail with separately-available brackets.

The aluminium tube achieves thermal equilibrium very quickly, and the metal construction conducts heat easily to and from the front optics (essential for imaging and dew control). 
What you get: 

  • 60mm F6 ED Doublet refractor optical tube with retractable dewshield.
  • 60mm FPL53 ED Doublet Lens assembly, 360mm focal length, housed in a fully collimatable, CNC machined cell with serial number.
  • Optical test report in green light showing serial number of objective lens.
  • Focuser CNC Machined Black Anodised Dual Speed 1:10 ratio 2.5" Rack 'n Pinion (Geared) with brass rack gear and tension adjustment (ideal for imaging).
  • Rear Camera Rotator 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adaptor with brass compression rings.
  • Rear 2" Push-fit adaptor with 3x clamping thumbscrews for extra security and alignment.
  • Removal of Pushfit-adaptor allows threaded attachment of dedicated reducer and flattener.
  • Special "X-Rings" with quick release clamp and multiple mounting points.
  • 200mm longer dovetail bar with Vixen-format 44mm profile.
  • Combination top handle and dovetail rail with Dual Vixen-format and Arca-format profiles for guide scope attachment.
  • Anodised aluminium push-fit lens cap and rear 1.25" dust plug.

This item is brand new and supplied in its original box with case.  It has been opened for us to take photographs (actual item pictured).