Vixen ED103S F/7.7 ED Refractor

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Vixen ED103S F/7.7 ED Refractor

The high definition ED lens in Vixen's ED103S gives excellent optical performance in a short optical tube for easy handling. The ED lenses feature brighter images from the shorter f/7.7 focal ratio and capture crisp, pinpoint star images for your eye’s enjoyment. Vixen's ED glass produces clear and high contrast viewing, virtually free of false color. The design uses environmentally friendly glass technology, free of hazardous lead that helps to support a cleaner global environment.

Vixen's new lenses focus the full visible spectrum of visible light to a critical point much more accurately than past ED products. The ED103S lenses are almost free of chromatic aberration in all colors and are critically sharp edge to edge. The astro-photographer will be especially pleased with the high contrast images through this telescope. The ED103S comes complete with 90mm tube rings, compression ring, and Vixen Dual Speed Focuser.

Please note the eyepieces are sold separately.




Objective lens

103mm ED apochromatic, multi-coated

Focal length (Focal ratio)

795mm (f7.7)

Resolving power, limiting magnitude

1.13 arc sec., 11.8

Light gathering power


Tube size & weight

(OD) 115mm x (L) 810mm, 5.4kg (11.89lb)


7x50 scope

Adapter thread / visual back

60mm on scope body. 42mm for T-mount, 31.7mm push-fit, 50.8mm* push fit on included flip mirror

Accessories included

Dovetail adapter, tube rings, finder, carry handle


Prime focus, eyepiece projection and afocal imaging


This is a second-hand telescope that has lived a full life!  As such the optical tube has a number of scratches and chips, and the lens coatings (on the rear of the lens cell) have suffered with inevitable slight mottling over time due to the conditions in the observatory in which it was used.  This does not significantly affect the performance of the optics and the views are excellent, with sharp, clear stars and almost no chromatic abberation, just like when it was new.  The rack & pinion focuser remains smooth and free of backlash.  As a result of the condition, we class this OTA as 'astrojumble' but as always, it qualifies for our full warranty.