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Baader's Hyperion eyepieces have been a fixture amongst serious astronomers for many years - mostly due to their immense flexibility in use.  Used as a standard eyepiece, they boast a 68° field of view - the same as the human eye - for an immersive view - but they are capable of more:

Eyepiece Projection Photography

Simply remove the rubber eyecup to reveal am M43 thread that can be adapted with a simple T-adaptor (available separately) for the connection of cameras via a T-2 ring.

Dual Nosepiece

Whilst at first the Hyperion appears to be 1.25" eyepiece, look again!  The body of the eyepiece is actually the 2" nosepiece!

Fine-Tuning Rings

All the Hyperion eyepieces can work at different focal lengths simply by detaching the 1.25" nosepiece and inserting one or both of the 14mm and 28mm fine-tuning rings available separately.  Thus a 5mm eyepiece can double as one of 2.6mm... effectively replacing a Barlow lens but without inserting any more optics!


Both 1.25" and 2" filters can be screwed into the Hyperion eyepieces of course - however 2" filters will have the effect of reducing the focal length slightly.

Phantom-Group Coating

Like most Baader optics, the Hyperions also benefit from their incredible light transmission coatings, decreasing internal reflections and improving contrast whilst ensuring that all possible light is transmitted to the eye.

Folding Eyecup

The rubber eyecup of the Hyperion folds neatly down for those wearing spectacles, or you can have it up for a generous 20mm eye relief.


These pre-owned Hyperion Eyepieces are optically and physically in perfect condition and is supplied complete with an additional 'winged' shielding eyecup (RRP: £12) and the original soft-leather bag.  

The 21mm Hyperion lacks the rubber ring around the shoulder of the eyepiece and is therefore offered at a specially discounted price.

The 24mm Hyperion is fairly well-used but optically perfect.  It lacks the usual soft-leather bag so is offered at a specially discounted price.

The original packing boxes have been disposed of by the previous owner, so the eyepieces have been repacked for shipping.  Qualifies for our standard 12-month warranty.