Skylight 102 F7 R.ED Refractor Telescope

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Like Richard Day's previous designs, the Skylight 102/F7 R.ED was intended as a visual refractor and as the refractor so beautiful that it never has to live in the shed/garage/loft...wherever. Rather, it remains proudly on display. In a further twist (and in what may come as a surprise to some), the use of a pre-existing objective means that the price was lower than what may be expected.  Only a small number were ever made.

Key points include:

  • High quality Skylight R&P focuser
  • Handmade tailpiece/focuser holder
  • Handmade collimateable countercell with 3 push/pull alignment screws
  • Fully internally blackened & flocked
  • Hand rolled, solid brass dew shield, polished & lacquered
  • Supplied in Candy Apple Red/brass
  • 102mm F-7 ED hand figured, fully multi-coated doublet, with blackened lens edges complete with a collimateable cell

This serial-numbered instrument (#15) has been in the previous owner's collection since new and remains entirely unused.  It is the only example of a brand new Skylight known to be in existence, Richard having made his last telescope around eight years ago, and is in perfect physical and optical condition.