Replacement Charger for 7Ah & 17Ah Powertanks

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This PowerPax UK AC/DC Power Supply SW3521, is an ideal replacement for the trickle charging power supply that is supplied with Sky-Watcher and Celestron 7Ah and 17Ah rechargeable power tanks.


*Please note: this charger, like the one that comes with the PowerTank, will only trickle charge the power pack.  If your PowerTank is deeply discharged (no lights when on), the battery may no longer be serviceable, and even if it is, it will require removing from the PowerTank before being charged by a specialist lead-acid battery charger.*

This used item is in perfect condition & qualifies for our standard 12-month warranty.

Model: STD-15005B

Switch Mode, 1 Output, 7.5 W, 15 V, 500 mA