Baader Safety Coolceramic Herschel Wedge

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Baader's excellent Herschel Prism is a uniquely safe and well-designed solar viewing Herschel wedge with some excellent features, including:

 - Visual and photographic versions with different accessory levels

 - Ceramic heat cage to absorb the radiant heat of the exhaust safely - which also acts as a solar finder!

 - Built-in filter holder with neutral density and solar continuum filters included

 - 2" nosepiece - simply replaces your existing 2" diagonal to provide solar viewing capability on suitable telescopes.

 - Phantom-group coatings to control glare on internal surfaces

 - Click-lock clamp - securely install an eyepiece with the push of a lever.. easy even in gloves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The solar prism *requires* an additional ND3.0 neutral density filter for visual use since the reflected energy of the first surface prism is still 1000x too large for the human eye.  The photographic version also includes ND1.8, ND0.6 & ND0.9 filters which are NOT strong enough for visual use.

Visual version includes: Wedge, ND3.0 filter and Solar Continuum filter (pre-installed)

Photographic version includes: Wedge, ND0.6,0.9,1.8 & 3.0 filters, solar continuum filter.

Please note: The original case (Baader Part no. 2452115) is NOT included with these items.  These pre-owned Herschel Prisms are supplied without the original packaging but are in perfect optical and physical condition and have been fully tested.  Qualifies for our standard 12-month warranty.