Baader 2x Modular VIP Barlow Lens

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The VIP Barlow is a versatile modular Barlow for 1.25″ and 2″ focusers, which can be used both VIsually and Photographically (hence the name VIP Barlow). It incorporates high quality optics with apochromatic characteristics, for magnifications of 2x and above.

The optical design is by Dr. Pudenz, who has also designed the Zeiss Abbe eyepieces. The magnification factor of the VIP Barlow at visual use depends on the distance between the top end of the Barlow element and the eyepiece. The focal length reduction of the barlow element is 65.5mm.

It is ideal for use with full-frame-DSLRs with 24x36mm-sensors. Higher magnifications can be achieved easily by adding additional T-2 extension tubes. The housing contains the following parts from the Baader T-2™-System:

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